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Kawasaki Motorcycle Financing

Kawasaki bad credit motorcycle loans

Kawasaki Motorcycle Financing

Recently the Kawasaki financing folks have been promoting their current deals on Kawasaki motorcycle loans.  The overall promotion is about fifteen pages of different incentives on various Kawasaki motorcycles and other Kawasaki motorsports items, as well as many different types of Kawasaki loans.

For motorcycle buyers with excellent credit, there are Kawasaki financing rates as low as 0.0% for 36 months for the big Kawasaki touring bikes (Concours, Voyager, Vaquero).  For all other Kawasaki motorcycle models, the Kawasaki loan rates are as low as 3.95% for 36 months, 5.95% for 60 months, and 7.95 for 72 months.

For those hoping to get a Kawasaki loan with bad credit, there are some options that may be of interest to you.  Specifically, there is a Kawasaki financing for bad credit offer that is 60 months with no interest for the first six months, then 9.95% after that.  There is also a Kawasaki card offer where you get a Kawasaki Credit Card and pay no interest on purchases for 12 months, and thereafter you pay either 7.99%, 10.99% or 12.99% interest depending upon your credit worthiness.

For active, retired or reserve United States military personnel, Kawasaki offers a military discount of $250 for more models of Kawasaki motorcycles (other than the Ninja H2).

As I mentioned, the entire list of Kawasaki financing promotions is fifteen pages long, so be sure to check out the full list of financing options here:

While there are several financing options on new Kawasaki motorcycles, if you are also interested in finding deals on pre-owned Kawasaki motorcycles, be sure to check out our page here: Kawasaki Used Motorcycles for Sale.



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