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Why Learn to Ride a Motorcycle?

What motivates someone who is new to motorcycling to want to learn to ride?  Well, different people have different reasons.  I can’t speak for all new motorcycle riders, but I can tell you what motivated me.

I had actually never thrown a leg over a motorcycle until I was 45 years old.  I was a total motorcycle newbie, having never ridden dirt bikes, mopeds, scooters.  I hadn’t even done any 2-up motorcycle riding (riding as a passenger on a motorcycle).  However, a few things finally got me to want to learn motorcycle riding:

  1.  Bicycle Riding — After going many years without riding a bike, I got back into bike riding in my late 30’s.  It was great being out in the air enjoying the fun of riding on two wheels.  However, there were times when I started thinking it would be nice to be on a motorcycle riding with the speed of traffic, rather then pedaling on the side of the road on tires less than an inch wide while wearing a foam hat.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think riding bicycles is fun and great exercise, but it is nice to have the speed of a motorcycle to ride with traffic and go longer distances.
  2. Travels Abroad — My wife and I like to travel to different countries, and one thing I noticed in many of the countries that we have visited is that in many countries people use motorcycles as their primary source of transportation.  In some countries motorcycles seem to outnumber cars, and I thought it would be a good idea to know how to drive a motorcycle — if for no other reason than it would be good to know in an emergency.
  3. Personal Development — In addition to the reasons to start motorcycling listed above, I also viewed learning to ride a motorbike as an exercise in personal development.  I think it is important to keep doing different things, adding skills, and getting out of my comfort zone a bit.  Learning how to ride a motorcycle checked all of those boxes for me.

So there you have it, my reasons for learning to ride a motorcycle later in life.  As I said above, everyone has different reasons for wanting to learn to ride a bike.  However, let’s not forget one of the best reasons: learning how to drive a motorcycle is a lot of fun!

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